10 deadliest diseases that came before the coronavirus

The recent coronavirus outbreak has triggered panic across the globe, prompting travel bans, visa restrictions and large-scale quarantines.

The coronavirus – COVID-19 – has reached 60 countries but has not yet caused widespread fatalities outside of mainland China. The outbreak has been classified as an epidemic as opposed to a pandemic — the difference being that an epidemic is the widespread occurrence of a disease in one community at a particular time, whereas a pandemic is when a disease spreads across continents at the same pace.

If, however, the rate of infection and death increases it could soon be classified as a pandemic.

There have been major occurrences of those across history; here are a few:

1. Sixth cholera (1910-1911)

The sixth cholera outbreak began in India, subsequently spreading to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia. The outbreak killed 8,00,000 people

2.Third cholera (1852)

The third cholera outbreak also originated in India and spread across continents — claiming over one million lives across the world. Of the epidemics in the 19th century, the third cholera outbreak had the highest fatalities.